Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hair Today, Gone tomorrow

Hair can be the biggest style statement one can make. With a modern new haircut or color you can virtually transform and update your look. Take a girl wearing only a tank top, flip flops and jeans and her hair style, or lack of, can tell you volumes about her personal style. If you are to spend your money on anything, let it be your hair! It’s that important to your image. Let’s again use our style icons Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn; they are just as famous for their hairstyles (think Jackie’s bob and Audrey’s bangs) as they are for their wardrobes.  Without the right hairstyle to compliment your style of dress, your look will appear disconnected.  By being in tune with your True Self you can confidently select a style that feels natural for you. You can select a signature style that is timeless and reflects your style, or have fun and change your hair with the trends. However beware of holding on to a dated look or thinking you have to follow every trend.  When everyone was wearing the “Friend’s” haircut I was not, for trends don’t always look good on everyone. Beware of selecting a style that may convey the wrong message about who you are. For example, during college I worked with a girl who is now one of my best friends. When I first met her she had shoulder length dark hair with a mini bang. This type of hair style was very popular with gothic girls (I actually had a gothic friend with the exact hairstyle, and I actually asked her if they knew each other). As I got to know her better I was shocked to learn that her style was in fact totally different.  She was not Gothic at all and  considered herself modern, even classic. Her hairstyle was not in balance with her style, or her True Self. And I told her so. Not all hairstyles are so particular as to reflect an entire genre, but beware that some do. Here is another example, I am a natural blonde. However, for years I colored my hair dark brown. I bought into the stereotype that blondes are considered dumb and wanted my looks to match my IQ.  One day I was selecting a birthday card for a friend and chose a card with an image of two friends on the cover, one a blonde and the other a brunette. When I presented the card to my friend she asked me if I was the blonde and she the brunette on the card. Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the card. The funny thing is my hair was dyed dark brown at the time, and her naturally dark hair was light with blonde highlights. Regardless of our hair colors at the time, I saw our True Selves in the card. Currently, we both have gone back to our roots.

All woman have an emotional connection to their hair.  Anytime a woman goes through a life change, she is also likely to cut or color her hair.  After a divorce, graduating college, starting a new career, moving to a new city, after having a baby. These are all milestones that evolve one's life and spirit, and we often want to reflect that or manifest it physically on the outside.  After I had my baby I had an uncontrollable urge to cut off my hair. I could not understand why since I liked my hair the way it was and had become by signature look for three years which is when I moved to a new city.  I suppressed the urge, but the feeling kept building until I hated to look at myself in the mirror. I felt the new me that had evolved with the amazing experience of becoming a mother and the image I saw in the mirror did not match how I felt about myself. Or perhaps I wanted to shed the old me and start fresh as my life had.  I finally cut my hair and love it, it was like I was reborn. Some of my coworkers were shocked, stating they too have always wanted to cut their hair but were too afraid.  Others also cut their hair after I did and told me they were too were ready for a change and were inspired to go for it.  Some women think of their hair is their safety net, or a constant of sameness in an ever changing world. While others embrace change and want to reflect or show that change by changing their hair.  
If you like your hair and feel it’s you, great you have found your signature look! However, if you are ready for change and want to cut your hair then take the chance! Why not? You might just love what you see..and how you will feel.

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