Saturday, October 30, 2010

Money doesn't always buy you everything

We all know money does not buy one love, happiness or health. All that matters in this world is your family, their happiness, and their wellbeing. For your children, you want nothing but the best, and most moms will say it out right “I only want the best for my child”.  But in today’s mass media and money hungry society, that often seems to include a high price tag. And I have found this particularly true then when it comes to how much some people spend on stuff for their children. Even during a recession! Why does a child need designer anything when they grow out of it so fast? Why does a Halloween costume have to cost more than my outfit?  

Why so much stuff? A child does not care about stuff. They only want the love and attention of their parents. Stuff and money cannot love a child, or hold them, or kiss them.  Instead of giving your child the best money can buy, how about you buy a more humble version and donate the remainder to children in real need?
My son enjoys playing with a plastic cup as much as he does a fancy toy that sings and counts. It’s ok to have those, and I certainly want my son to have some toys. But do I need to buy 10 musical toys that all essentially do the same thing? To me, it sets a child up with an outlook from an early age that more is more and not less is more.  I am a mom, and I know first hand that sometimes it’s easy to feel like you have to buy your child all of the latest crazes.  However, to me all of the material excesses are unnecessary (and not very green).  Especially when there are so many impoverished children in the world who lack the basic necessities like food and water.

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