Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finding your True Self, Part 1: Kicking some Astro.

What if you could live your life in a spiritual, Zen, passionate, elegant and simple way? What if you could do things, make choices and create an identity that was truly unique, truly yours? Everything from planning a party and decorating your home, to getting married and creating the lifestyle you want could be done with minimal effort and maximum results?  So often in life we over-complicate choices. We worry about what others think and who would approve or disapprove. We let stress and worry take over the moments in our lives that we should be appreciating and enjoying fully, such as getting married or having a baby.  These events in our lives are so overshadowed by the opinions of others, or trying to please others, that we forget about ourselves.   By discovering your spiritual self you can live a life pursuing your joys, and taking focus away from the stresses.

“To change your life on the outside, you must first change the inside”.  How often have we heard this?  There are millions of self help books out there telling you how to change.  Often times all this does is make you feel empty by reflecting back an image that you are lost, or your life is not on track.  Maybe that is true in some situations and a complete over haul is needed.  If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol to escape problems and self loathing, then you certainly need to start from the inside.  However, if you are not tapping into your true self you are putting your body, mind and life out of balance.  It is when we deny who we really are, or what we really want, that we breed resentment or feel lost.  So “who am I?” you may be asking right about now.  “How do I find out who my true self really is?” “I have been me for my entire life, how can I not know who I am?” The answer is simple: you already do know who you are.  During those quiet times when you are away from the rest of the world, when you are alone with your thoughts, when you let down your guard and outside influences, and you allow yourself to be yourself.  That is when you are your true self.  And you can feel it too.  It’s like welcoming an old familiar friend you haven’t seen for a while, around whom everything feels simple, effortless and familiar.  This is not to be mistaken with the voice in your head.  The voice in your head is the ego, going over the events of the day and finding ways to play the victim.  Your true self comes out when you quiet the voice and surrender to the present moment, that the old friend, the real you, comes out.  

The difficult part is tapping into that true self when you are not alone.  When you have to make difficult decisions, or face difficult situations.  When you are under stress, or pressure, suddenly the old friend is no where to be found.  You don’t know what to do or how to decide.  You put too much weight on the opinions of others and find yourself in a manic state.  You may suffer from insomnia and panic attacks.  Fear takes over and you freak out!  You eat too much, drink too much.  You self criticize your body, your clothes your home. You feel lost and alone and don’t know what to do.  And I’m not even describing a trauma in your life such as a death, or some other great loss.  I could be describing a seemingly pleasant situation such as planning a dinner party or planning your wedding.  When we don’t know how to tap into our true selves and make decisions from our inner core of what is right for us, even the simplest decisions can become difficult and over whelming.  However, once you get to know yourself and trust to make decision from your inner self, life becomes much easier and less complicated.  You can quickly identify what is right and not right from you. And instead of being trapped in the mundane decisions, you can make them quickly and focus on the important things in your life.

However, knowing yourself takes time and dedication.  Your true self may have been hidden for years.  The ego or a reflection of society may have taken its place.  You may need to rediscover, to pull it off the top self and dust it off.   As the first step to self discovery, I recommend taking personality quizzes and learning about your astrology and numerology charts.  There are so many free and easy to use resources on the internet.  Start first with your astrology signs.  Most people know what their Sun sign is. Your Sun sign is based on your birth date.  However, do you know what your Moon and Rising sign is?  There is so much more to astrology than just your daily horoscope. Go on the internet and do a search for "free natal chart".  There are numerous websites available where you just plug in your information and get a free natal chart report. After you have researched and learned about your astrology natal chart,  do the same for your numerology by learning about your numerology chart.  In addition to personality traits, Astrology and Numerology also provides insight into your destiny and life path.  Another great resource for insight on your personality are personality test. Two popular personality tests are the Briggs Meyers and DiSC tests. Many corporations use these to teach their employees how to work with other personalities and work styles.

  It does not take a lot of time or energy to look up your horoscope or take a personality test on line. But the process and outcome can be very rewarding.  You are taking the time to focus on yourself, to learn about yourself.  Even reading your daily horoscope can set the tone for your day so that you are walking in self awareness.  You may also find that you hate astrology and don’t agree with any of it.  Well, at the very least you have discovered that about yourself.


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