Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What it's about

The reason I put together this blog is to inspire you to inspire yourself, to live the life you want, to have the courage to be your true self, to not care what others think, to buckle up for this crazy journey that is life and put yourself in the driver’s seat.  I don’t like the term “Self Help", for I always feel like I’m being pitched something, sold something, influenced. And though it may “inspire” me for a moment, the moment is fleeing.  In American society it’s all about the quick results, the gimmick, the sure fire solution…if you only stop eating bread you will be beautiful, loved and your life will no longer suck. But what happens the minute you are hungry or stressed or alone, you find yourself stuffing your face with a loaf of bread. And you give up, feeling crummy about yourself and your life sucks again.  In self development there is no such thing as a quick fix scheme.  It is a journey, an adventure and that involves patience mixed with intuition and bold action.  It is not 1+2=3. It’s organic, spiritual. It can be 3-2=1…everyone’s journey is different and so are the results. Instead of Self Help how about Self Love. Self Help makes me think of alcoholic’s anonymous meetings, or a guide to fishing, or learning how to dance.  This blog is not about Self Help, it is not about me convincing you or influencing you to think like me. This blog is about me sharing my observations, my philosophies and my poems and hopefully inspiring you to inspire others.  Share the love. 

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Laura said...

Well said....:-)