Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We stopped a car fire tonight!

Tonight my husband and I almost skipped our evening walk with baby.  It was getting dark, and baby and husband just woke up from a nap. It was a lazy day and difficult to muster the energy to go. But a voice inside of me said we should take the walk.  “Come on it’s nice out, let’s go before it gets too dark. It’s dusk and pretty out. We will all sleep better tonight if we take this walk”, I said to my husband.  If I only knew how true those words would ring. We walked down to the end of the street, half of the walk we normally take.  As I made a big u-turn with the stroller, I noticed shadows of fire light flickering off of a neighbor’s garage.  Jack-o-Lantern?  Candles?  After a double take, I noticed there was a small fire under the car parked in front of the garage. I wanted to run up and knock on the neighbor’s door, but the car was right next to the front door, and I didn’t want to risk myself or them getting hurt if the fire got larger. We did not have a cell phone with us. Luckily another neighbor down the street was leaving and coming our way in his truck. We stopped him and told him what we saw, and asked he call the fire department.  The gentlemen in the truck drove down the couple of houses to where the car was and pulled over to and called the fire department.  Unwilling to just sit in his truck, he dashed out, knocked on the front door of the car owner’s house. He saw a hose outside the house next door, grabbed the hose and put the fire out himself.  The young couple who owned the car was now in the drive way now and in shock, thankful that people took action.  Who knows what could have happened, the car could have blown up, the house could have caught on fire, and people could have been hurt. It is so easy to not get involved, to not take action, to walk away.  This is a great example of two important lessons: 1. Listen to your voice, your instinct. I did by dragging my family out for a walk. 2. Take action, get involved, do the right thing. I feel a little bit like a hero tonight. And the neighbor who put the fire out was absolutely a hero!

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