Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cross-Roads...take that first step

Perhaps today finds you at cross-roads in life. You are ready to leave the old, the past, and the outdated behind and take a bold step into the future, the new, the unknown. Weather it is a journey you have consciously followed or an instinctual one, here you are, ready to take action! Your soul and destiny have brought you to this point, and you are confident this it is the right thing to do. However, as you start thinking more about it, rationalizing it and sharing it with others; you start to lose your confidence. “What was I thinking” “it will never work” “I don’t have what it takes” “mom and dad are right, only fools dream and grown ups plan”...

When our life, or destiny, brings you to a cross roads in life, to a time and place where you are leaving the old behind and facing a new path, it is important to have the confidence to proceed.  To have faith in your own vision can, at times be challenging. Often times with our own doubts or over-thinking, we can sabotage our own efforts.  Or, as we share our plans with others we may not receive the support we had expected. Well meaning family and friends may give us all of the rational reasons why not to pursue something, creating even more doubts. Or perhaps the opposite occurs and you receive such positive feedback, encouragement and support that you begin to feel like you may let people down if you do not “succeed”.  If your new path affects your family directly (such as moving, changing jobs, or using money from your savings account) you may feel a lot of pressure not to disappoint them, even if they are totally supporting your decision.

It can be easy to begin to rationalize and therefore doubt your initially instincts. So how do you proceed at this junction? Stop THINKING and start DOING. Have faith in the universe and God, and thus in yourself. If you are living your life in a way that is authentic to your true self, taking actions that is in line with your destiny, and utilizing the skills that have been given to you by God, there is NO SUCH THING AS FAILURE! Even if the outcome is not as you planned, remember that even set backs are a gift for you. For the set backs and obstacles are just as important to your development in this life; and the lessons learned from them are provided to get you back on the right track. All too much, as humans (or type A personalities like myself) we focus on the outcome, the goal, the plan. Instead, you must focus on the now, the journey, and the process to find your true happiness and eventually your destiny. Thank God for leading you to your cross-roads and with faith and confidence, take that first step.

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Once again love it....look foward to the next one