Friday, November 5, 2010

Crystal in the sky??

It is so easy to start your day off on the wrong foot. Whether it is because you did not get enough sleep, or don't feel well, or are running late to work, and traffic sucks, and you wish you were in bed...the list can go on and on. But those glitches in our smooth day are not what cause the day to begin on the wrong foot, it is our mind set. I had a pretty rough start to my day this morning, with only 5 hours of sleep and getting myself and baby ready to head out the door, only to find my gas light is on in my car, and the gas station pump was broken so I had to move my car, and idiot drivers on the roads...yes, I was not in a chipper mood. However, as my commute continued I began complaining to myself about all sorts of things, other things that happened in the past and had nothing to do with my current commute or day. I caught myself and stopped, took a deep breath and said out loud to myself "why am I complaining, is this how I want to start my day (trust me it was difficult, for I am no Mother Teresa here)?". At that exact moment I glanced over to my left and saw something amazing...a small dot in the sky with the colors of the rainbow! It looked like a crystal in the sky! I looked around to see what was causing it and I couldn't figure it out. I whipped out my cell phone and took a picture to share with you all. I was overcome with this feeling when I saw this light that it was a message, a message that my realization was correct and everything would be fine.  It truly is amazing, as you open yourself up to the universe and signs, they deliver!  It is so easy to take our minds to the negative and mundane, the irrelevant mind torture of contemplating things and people we cannot change. We cannot change the past, and we cannot predict the future.  What we can absolutely change are our thoughts in the present moment. Instead of complaining, try telling yourself you will have a great day today..and you just might see a sign of your own.

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