Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fox in wolf's clothing

My brother was just in town over Thanksgiving weekend. It was an unexpected visit with a last minute work assignment. Nothing compares to spending time with someone who knows you so well; and the perfect person to have around when finding yourself in the midst of a spiritual awaking.  We always share great conversation, and this weekend was no different. Quite randomly the conversation of Totem animals came up. My brother said he can see certain animal's traits and mannerisms in people. And he thinks I am a fox. After looking up the Fox as a totem animal,  it was striking how many similarities I share! Fox represent adaptability, protector of their family, wisdom, cleverness, determination, focus and strategy.

But then I began to think about the negative connotations associated with the fox. Why does my brother see me as a fox and not a wolf? Do others see me as a fox too? Do I come off as a cunning and a trickster? Why am I not seen as a powerful and noble wolf?  Then I thought about how animals and how all, no matter how big, small or insignificant they appear to be all have their own unique skills, gifts, lessons and magic. Animals also unconsciously embrace who they are. They do not contemplate who they are, or who they wish they were. A fox does not go about it's day wishing it was a wolf, or a dolphin, or an eagle. Instead they are only who they are. What a great message for us humans. We are all born with our own unique traits and gifts, and magic.  We embrace this as children, yet as we grow up we loose touch with our inner magic. Sometimes this is due to family pressure, peer pressure or self doubt.  We become the fox in wolf's clothing. As we do this, we step further away from who were really are and become lost in who we wish we were, or wish to project to others.  Instead, we need to embrace our true self, our fox.  We need to embrace our unique magic, that is ours to share with the world!

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