Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Give it a rest

You've done the work. You have consciously lived each day in balance with your true self and spirituality, have said your prayers, started your day mentally prepared to be in the positive, have shared your gifts and inspired others, or in any other way that brings meaning to your soul. Congratulations! But what if today you woke up, and not sure what else to do. Like a steam engine you were running at full speed, and today you feel tired, overwhelmed or just not in the mood to do the work? What now? TAKE A BREAK!

Ambition is great for achieving your goals, and necessary to reach them.  However, although spirituality may be a goal of yours one must remember that it is also a process. And a process takes time. Just as taking action is essential to make things happen, it is equally important for you to take a break. Taking a breaking will give you time to rest, to gather your strength for future actions, and keep you in touch with your true self. It is during quiet times of meditation, contemplation or just relaxation that we allow ourselves to get back to self.  Logic and the mind are wonderful gifts from God, but remember to give your heart equal time, to live in balance with both. Thinking, contemplating and analyzing can become toxic to your soul and over shadow your true self if done in excess. Trust me, I know first hand this is easier said then done. I am a chronic over-thinker and multi-tasker. Yesterday was my day off and I had to force myself through sheer will to just relax and give my mind a rest. By allowing our mind to rest, our hearts to open, we face the new day rejuvenated and balanced.

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