Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lizard in a box

There’s no holding back now, the flood gates are open, and the waters of change and emotions are pouring out. The swishing in my ear has stopped, because I have begun to listen. A new awakening, a new dawn is coming.  By reading the other entries of my blog you will know I have been going through a change, or approaching a new path. I continue my journey. Yesterday I happen to come some more insightful information when I discovered Mayan astrology.  As I began to poke around and research my chart I came across some fascinating information about "wavespells", which are personal cycles that occur every 260 days.  I learned that I was going through one this week!  The website proposed to utilize a wavespell by analyzing your thoughts and dreams by keeping a journal. Funny enough, I had started to journal that week (not having done so in over 10 years). I was overcome by a desire to let my thoughts out on paper. Now, to interpret my dreams. Last night I dreamt of a lizard. I kept in a small white box. I loved this lizard, and it showed me much affection back. Then the time came when I began to realize my little lizard was getting restless and wanted to be set free. I became afraid and worried. I tried setting it free in a parking lot, but kept it in the box. It jumped around, moving the box and I was afraid it would get run over by a car. Therefore, it had to be let out of the box to truly be safe, and free.  I pondered setting it free in my back yard to keep it close to me. But I felt afraid and worried that it would escape and not be able to fend for itself (knowing deep down the little lizard would flourish and be happy in the wild).  I then realized what I was really afraid of was that I would never see my lizard again, and it never really needed or loved me. When I  woke up I looked up lizard interpretations on the Internet over my morning coffee. I found that as a totem, lizards represent dream analysis (OK, a puzzle within a puzzle, great). Then I came across a website about Mayan astrology with a birth date calculator to find out what your Mayan animal sign is.  And drum roll please....mine is the lizard! Wow, this is too much!  I suppose one interpretation of my dream is that I am the lizard, or my true self is, that I am trying to protect by keeping in a box.  However, now it’s time to set myself free!

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hollymarie7 said...


I love dream interpretation! This one seems like it could be your creativity or spirituality that you are afraid of releasing. Of course - it's all you!
Keep on rockin'.