Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smallville Love

The agony, I loved most of all
Unrequited love, shared by none
You loved her from the start
The fallen angel lost on earth
Stronger than man of steel

You felt so deep for both
Blocked by a wall of fear
But she waited for you
All along, she waited for you
Stronger than man of steel

The spark in your eye obvious
To all that loved you, but her
Who doubted from the start
The messages from above
And were too proud to see

Equals in every way, scared
Allowing time and years to pass
From that first glance.
Still tried hard, the next ones
All wit and confidence.

 I remember that day so clear
When she rode up to see you
For the last time, it seemed
You on the farm,  so wholesome                 
She on horseback, so symbolic

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