Friday, December 10, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

As the year draws to and end, you make be thinking about what New Year resolutions you would like to make. I usually do not set “resolutions” for I find them to be more like sacrifices or milestones than realistic goals…I will stop smoking, give up meat, start working out, loose 20 pounds, find love, change myself, change my life. These are great, but as with fad diets, setting unrealistic goals to accomplish too quickly only sets us up for failure and disappointment. Make 2011 about self love. Instead of giving up things you love, try moderation and focus on other things you can do to make your life full of more joy. This might mean leaving a stagnant job or relationship, cutting toxic people out of your life that only hold you back, taking more time for your self to meditate and reflect, taking up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try, or buying a new vacuum because the one you have is driving you mad (ok, personal experience)!

Focusing on your self may sound selfish at first, but by first giving to yourself to create joy, happiness and balance within, can you then bring these energies out into the universe. But on a simpler level, you deserve to be happy.  There will always be things we cannot control in our lives, but your happiness is all you. You choose how you deal with adversity, you chose to stay in a bad situation, and you decide to be negative or a victim. This New Year, take a small step toward self..self understanding, self acceptance, self love.

                                 Happy Holidays and New Year! 

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