Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bows tied too tight...a poem

Should be inspired
Should be excited
Future so bright
Eyes rolling tight
Skeptical, pessimistic
Unhappy and realistic
Frivolous words
From shark's lips
Wanting much more
Than frivolous tips
Want tomorrow
Filled with light
Not hollow sorrow
With bows tied too tight
Always up for a fight

Tip of the day

Intuition is a wonderful gift, but sensitivity to ones environment can be draining if not filtered. Self-love is to not allow yourself to carry the burdens and negative energy of those around you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Brain freeze...the pain of over-thinking

This is dedicated to all of you Type-A personalities, the thinkers, the analyzers, the innovators. I fall into this category, so I am empathetic when I say “stop thinking so much!”.   You may have taken great pride in your intelligence, perhaps feeling it is what sets you apart from the average person. However, there needs to be a balance between mind and heart, logic and intuition, meditation and thought to live a truly balanced and happy life. One of my favorite quotes is “Ignorance is bliss”. Over thinking, and over analyzing, will eventually create unnecessary worry and anxiety, usually over some imagined event in the future that may never happen. Living in the present moment is the humans’ greatest challenge. Religions around the world believe true enlightenment comes when we stop thinking and become fully present in the moment.  Challenge yourself daily to take a few moments to meditate, or just shut your eyes and breathe. Silence all worries, to-do lists, plans, and recaps of the day’s events. Enjoy the silence and smile. For to shut off the mind (even for small increments), you will find peace, your true-self, and be closer to God.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Drafty corridors...A poem

Drafty corridors
Incense swims
Scenting hair
Kneeling alter
Hymns tickling
Soprano notes
Giving thanks
Blessing family
Pleading answers
Divine hands
Embrace shoulders
Drafty corridors

Quote of the day

A balanced life is equal parts discipline and indulgence.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't give away your sparkle!

Have you ever been the victim of “haters”? Weak minded people who don’t like you because you are (or they perceive you as) stronger, smarter, better looking, richer, more ambitious, more spiritual, nicer, more popular, kinder, etc. Unfortunately the world is full of insecure people who are easily threatened by others and in turn lash out. They will try to knock you down emotionally. Or act like they’re better than you. Jealousy can be a powerful motivator for the weak hearted. So what do you do if you are faced with such a person? If you are confident, secure in yourself, and warm hearted you will not feel threatened. You may feel sorry for that person and try to be empathetic. You may rationalize that something made that person this way, perhaps a traumatic childhood or negative past experiences. You may open your arms to this person and attempt to embrace them, help them, and show the person they should not fear you for you are a nice person. But that can be like a lion trying to embrace a tarantula. It is wonderful to reach out to those who wish to make you their enemy. You may even try to camouflage your bright spirit for the sake of this person. But be careful not to give away your power. No one deserves the right to take away from you that which makes your shine, your heart and soul. There is a time to be gracious and empathetic; however it is equaly important to know when to stand up for your self. No one deserves to take away your sparkle!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And here I am...a poem

Mother, wife, sister, friend
And here I am
Strong, beautiful, graceful
Yet a sin, shame, hiding
Strength from the weak
Lioness on the prowl
Open to like minded
Feared by weak hearted

Beauty, fashion, style
And here I am
Lip gloss girl who can
Take and give a left hook
Graffiti your world, can you
Hang with all I am, all it takes
No clue when the paw strikes

Shuned don’t you know
And here I am
Sunshine and mountains
Cried rivers deep and long
Your toes never touched
Don’t think you can
Ask to be like I am

Too deep and true
And here I am
Welcomed and exiled
Progressive even for those
Wishing to ride along
Gripping the monkey bar
Once again gone too far

Love, peace and happiness
And here I am
Submissive for the last time
Puckered lips in bed
Where those who don’t belong
Walking from the day
Who no longer have a say

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ask Sabina!

Hello friends! Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you have found my posts interesting or helpful. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I am always available for comments, feedback or advice. If you would like additional information about any topics covered, need some advice, or would like your numerology or astrology birth chart and interpretations,  I would love to help! Just leave me a comment on the blog (if you want to share with others), or you can email me personally at

I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Love and happiness,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

When the love is gone, love yourself

What do you do when the love is gone? Whether for a relationship, a friendship, or even a job or city you live in, how does one walk away from a stale situation which no longer offers anything positive to your growth and development? Or is negative and toxic to your soul? Well, the first (and most difficult) step is REALIZATION. It can be disappointing and painful to realize that you must say goodbye to a person or situation. However, through self-love you will also realize that you must put yourself first in order to live a whole and balanced life. It may feel selfish to put yourself first, especially if you are a “giver”. But in order to truly give the best you have to offer, from a place of true service and love to those you care about, you must give to yourself first. The second step is COURAGE. It’s scary to take action, to walk away and gain independence. Change is scary. Even if the change is positive, it is unfamiliar and the old and familiar will always feel more secure. Having the courage to take action and improve your life is also a reflection of self-love. And finally the last step is ACCEPTANCE.  Accept yourself for making the difficult decision and seeing it through. Accept that people change, and that you’ve changed. It’s OK if you outgrew someone or something, and that it is just a part of your development and growth, of your journey.