Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And here I am...a poem

Mother, wife, sister, friend
And here I am
Strong, beautiful, graceful
Yet a sin, shame, hiding
Strength from the weak
Lioness on the prowl
Open to like minded
Feared by weak hearted

Beauty, fashion, style
And here I am
Lip gloss girl who can
Take and give a left hook
Graffiti your world, can you
Hang with all I am, all it takes
No clue when the paw strikes

Shuned don’t you know
And here I am
Sunshine and mountains
Cried rivers deep and long
Your toes never touched
Don’t think you can
Ask to be like I am

Too deep and true
And here I am
Welcomed and exiled
Progressive even for those
Wishing to ride along
Gripping the monkey bar
Once again gone too far

Love, peace and happiness
And here I am
Submissive for the last time
Puckered lips in bed
Where those who don’t belong
Walking from the day
Who no longer have a say

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