Monday, January 24, 2011

Brain freeze...the pain of over-thinking

This is dedicated to all of you Type-A personalities, the thinkers, the analyzers, the innovators. I fall into this category, so I am empathetic when I say “stop thinking so much!”.   You may have taken great pride in your intelligence, perhaps feeling it is what sets you apart from the average person. However, there needs to be a balance between mind and heart, logic and intuition, meditation and thought to live a truly balanced and happy life. One of my favorite quotes is “Ignorance is bliss”. Over thinking, and over analyzing, will eventually create unnecessary worry and anxiety, usually over some imagined event in the future that may never happen. Living in the present moment is the humans’ greatest challenge. Religions around the world believe true enlightenment comes when we stop thinking and become fully present in the moment.  Challenge yourself daily to take a few moments to meditate, or just shut your eyes and breathe. Silence all worries, to-do lists, plans, and recaps of the day’s events. Enjoy the silence and smile. For to shut off the mind (even for small increments), you will find peace, your true-self, and be closer to God.

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