Monday, February 21, 2011

Dancing with Eagle feathers...Dream interpreted

I had an amazing dream last night. I was on a crowded waterfront with a friend. On the beach I noticed 2 large black eagle feathers. I took one in each hand and started flapping them, lifting off the ground. My friend found 2 small seagull feathers and also flapped, but the wings were too small and he could not get off the ground. I took my feathers and used them as wings and started to fly in the air. All the people below  stopped what they were doing and looked up in the sky to watch me. I flew over the water gracefully dancing, spinning and flipping like a ballerina in the air. I was so happy. Usually when I dream of water or flying I am afraid and anxious in my dream, and I am usually trying to escape from harm by flying away from danger or running away from tidal waves or drowning. So it was unusual that in this dream I felt for the first time so free as I was flying and I was not afraid of the water below but found is soothing. I pondered the meaning of my dream after waking. Water represents emotions. And the Eagle totem represents spirit, healing and creation and is symbolized by water and air. This brought me great satisfaction, for perhaps the dream symbolizes that I am becoming more in tune with my emotions and therefore healing (water),  bringing me more spiritual growth that I can share with others (flying high like an eagle).  I have been visited by a pair of eagles many times as they fly in circles over my car while I'm driving. I'm so thankful for the eagle's message, that with courage, strength, and great vision we can connect with spirit, bringinG us great opportunities to fly great heights.

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