Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Power of The Secret...create the life of your dreams

Five years ago I read the best selling book “The Secret”, and had my life changed forever. At the time my boyfriend (now husband) and I wanted to move to another city for three years, after attending a wedding there. However, we were all talk to no action due to fear.  How can we just move cross country? How will we have the money? How will we find jobs?...and on and on. We were self sabotaging ourselves. Then a friend recommended “The Secret” and after reading it I began to visualize us living in that city.
A few weeks later we went back for another wedding, and during our stay we continued to visualize us living there. My boyfriend wanted to wait a year so we can save up money, but I wanted to move NOW. So after focusing on what we would need to make the move this year, I declared to the Universe “I want $5000 and a job opportunity so we can move”.

A month later I was inspired to go on the Internet to search for job in the city we wanted to move to (which in the three years we talked about moving I had never done before). I picked one company I wanted to work for and declared I wanted to move up in my career from sales to management.  I looked up the company on the Internet and they had two positions open, one sales and one management. I applied for both (I did not have any management experience) and a week later I was offered the sales position. And a week after that my fiancé (he coincidentally proposed the same day I received the job offer) and I were in a U-Haul on our way to our desired city. Everything went so smoothly and quickly, and we found a beautiful condo to live in just a few miles away from my new job. My fiancé also quickly found a job. I continued to focus on wanting to be a manager and two months later the company opened another location and offered me a management position. Shortly after we moved we were offered an unexpected business opportunity off of which we  made $5000.  My friends and family were shocked and awestruck at our seeming good fortune. I repeated this again a year later when I wanted to work for a different company. The same history repeated it self and a month after I contacted the company to inquire about a management position I was made an offer (even though at the time they did not have a position open and one became available when the current manager moved to another country). I was making more money and had my (then) dream job! Again, everyone was amazed at our continued luck and prosperity. My husband began to follow the techniques of “The Secret” and got a position with a company he pursued for a year. Our lives continued to be blessed. We were married and had a beautiful baby boy, with new dreams for the future.

Lately I have been feeling stuck, eager to set my new dreams and goals into motion. However, I have been feeling like I am being held back; and confused as to why things are not working out so quickly and magically as they had before. Yesterday I was searching through Netflix and came across “The Secret” the movie, and watched it. I realized I was getting exactly what I was focusing on, I was getting what I didn’t want.  The universe is unbiased and will provide what you focus on, without differentiating if it’s what you want or don’t want. I was focusing on not wanting to work as much and I kept being contacted by recruiters for prestigious positions that would give me more work responsibilities. I would gripe to my friends “I want less work, not more work. Why do I keep getting job offers for more work?”  Well, all the universe knows is that I keep focusing on work, and it was providing.  I had a light bulb moment and have begun to shift my focus on what I want, not on what I don’t want.  

If you have not had the opportunity to read or watch “The Secret”, I encourage you to do so. It can truly give you the tools to change your life, and make all of your wishes and dreams come true. The concept is really quite simple and takes only three steps: 1) Ask, for what you want. 2) Believe, you will get it. 3) Receive, feel and act as if you have already received it.  The concept is simple. The difficult part is having the faith and courage to do it. You may struggle with an inner dialogue of fear, discouragement and denial. I have found it can be quite difficult to dream big with out my inner critic chiming in and telling me what I want is impossible to attain. And, the bigger the dream the louder the voice of doubt becomes. For example, the thoughts “I want a new Honda” versus “I want a private jet” will automatically stir my inner critic and I will tell my self a Honda is within my reach but to stop being foolish enough to think I will ever own a jet. This is where self-love comes in. You must love yourself enough to believe you are worthy and capable of making your wildest dreams come true.  Do not worry about how you will get them, that part is up to the Universe. The Universe will shift to create the opportunities for you to get what you ask for. This does not mean passivity on your part, for you have to be aware of when the opportunities arrive, and ACT on them. So go ahead, make a wish, and another, and another, and another… and mold your life into the life of your dreams.

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