Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dreams of you

Always a strange one
Over many oceans
Too smart and too strong
Misunderstood by all
Sweet butter cup
Cut into your face
And today you ask
Who am I to you

Think back my friend
I want to run so fast
Standing still and I
Miss you so much
No one knows who you are
To me, and I scream so loud

Blinded by  it all
And you disapear
Why am I wandering
Without you next to me
Dreams come close
I stare, and you laugh
It will be, all right

"Go ahead"...A poem

Go ahead and try
to love, understand
Fighter, survivor
At the end of the day
Closing blinds to all

Smallest touch, I want

To be a lady,
Not a warrior
Kiss my battle scars
Across lovely cheeks
Kissing gentle lips

Normalcy is the norm
Goodbye shines bright
 Still lost on all, of me
Stronger than all of thee
Thunder and lightening
Flying so high after all