Sunday, May 29, 2011

Eternal Love...a poem

Oceans of time pass slowly
Yearning reincarnated again
She slips through his hands
Like water through fingers
So close, but not this lifetime

It only took a walk, to fall
Hopes of eternal fires ignited
Breezes through her curls
He was hers forever now
Through flesh and spirit

King in love with peasant
Union of equals, in faith
Golden soldiers march in 
Smoke covers the lands
And then she is gone…

Death cool relief for him
Dreaming of those curls
Waking once more alone
Eternal love searching
So close, but not this lifetime

Friday, May 27, 2011

The healing powers of responsibly expressed anger.

Anger. Blood-boiling, fist clenching, teeth grinding, wall punching, seething, explosive, seeing red anger is often characterized as being negative, something to be suppressed and with out a place in spirituality. Human emotion of anger has been called many things, “sin, shadow self, evil, barbarian, animalistic”, but what it is often not called is healing. Unless you are a truly enlightened being (after years of discipline, prayer and meditation usually performed in isolation and solitude) you will experience anger. Yet most of us are taught at an early age by our parents, teachers and society that expressing anger is unacceptable. So many of us repress it, only to explode when all of the pent up emotions inevitably explode (or implode into psychological disorders). But what we are not taught is that expressing anger in a responsibly way is a healthy release that will cleanse the soul. By suppressing anger inward or creating resentment through unexpressed anger toward the correct source, it will only eat us up inside and deplete our energy and soul. If you are unable to express your anger to a source, then release it in other ways such as vigorous exercise, boxing, or just letting out a gut wrenching scream within a safe and enclosed area like your car, house or nature. Babies instinctively know how to release frustrations by yelling, crying or just screaming. Then it passes and they are all smiles again. My toddler will sometimes clench his fists and just scream at the top of his lungs, like a wolf howling at the moon. If we are at home (not in public, thus being a responsible expression),  I just scream with him. He looks at me, laughs, and we continue to scream together. And it feels damned good!  

Shadow self...a poem

Swimming thru flames
Emotional fires burn
Fists punching patiently
Running full speed
Getting no where fast

Biting hands like rabid dog
Drooling for the other side
Running circles in this cage
Growling with teeth out
Dog off a leash will attack

Bear seen in shadow self
Keep poking her with a stick
And heads will surely roll
Mars in the first house…
Peeks out from curtsying skirt

Lady all the way, class too
But don’t tempt your fate
She can turn just like that
Testing is not a good idea
She will fight to the death

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ignorance can be bliss

Negative energy created by negative thoughts about others only hurt the person that thinks them. By festering anger, resentment, and disappointment only creates turmoil within the mind that thinks it and the heart that feels it. Instead fill your mind and heart with silence. You don’t have to accept other’s short comings, but you can ignore them. For in such situations, ignorance can be bliss!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspirational tip of the day

Without an open heart, an open mind is irrelevant.

"This body of mine"...a poem

Fingers over curves,
Reacquainted friend
Bruises like a cheetah,
Can I change my spots
Neglected too long
After all the sacrifice
The love and strength
You have given me

Worked overtime
Creating life within
House of my soul
Sacrificed on the way
Plagued and drugged
All the internal work
Now comes to you
This body of mine