Saturday, June 25, 2011

You saw...A poem

You saw water
Pools rippling
Washing over flaws
Mirrored perfections
Smudged looking glass

You saw wings
Flapping over winds
Flying too high
Angels praying
Home sweet home

You saw a shell
Echoing voices
Of distant past
How to compare
To it all...

You saw fire
True face after all
Passionate, selfish
Destroying everything
Til death do us part

I used to be...A poem

I used to be
tough and righteous
Adults gasped
At the little girl
Of steal and spit

I used to be
caped crusader
Foreigners threatened
At the little girl
Of mystery and fame

I used to be
new miss thing
Locals envied
At the little girl
Of worldly style

I used to be
woman of stone
Family wondered
At the little girl
Who shed no tears

I used to be
bitter and sweet
People confused
At the little girl
Who was too much

I used to be
selfishly selfless
Everyone comforted by
The little girl
Who cared too much

Tip of the day

"Balance, my darling, balance is not letting anyone love you less than you love yourself".

*Eat Pray Love.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fragile...a poem

She swings at night
Complete and alone
Clovers under feet
Footsteps in the dark
Moon shines a path
For contemplation

She walks at night
White skirt swims over
 Lilies of the Valley
Soft bells ringing
White tigers sleep
She keeps walking

Breezes dance through trees
Swaying arms to embrace
Voices humming lovingly
She listens attentively
Owls watch her closely
As she dances and sings

She burns love at night
Crackling and cindering
Skin glowing softly so
With passion deep below
He dares finally to join
The other side of the coin

Love this good...a poem

Crack open my heart
Sunshine bursts through
Reaching heaven high
From open legs
Reach within and grab
My soul to shake hands
with God with tears
In my eyes, over hills
Snakes swim over water
Miracles happening
Love twisted on the brain
Dark passion on my lips
Love this good is never a sin

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tip of the day

When someone tells me "You can't have everything",

I respond "Oh yes I can, I do, and I will!".