Friday, July 29, 2011

Just a mother's wish...a poem

Swimming in quicksand
Why is this so damn hard
Used to have the answers
These days vision so muddy
Want it so bad, maybe why
The universe is testing fate
Patience a virtue I pray for

Always seen eye to eye
Now bulls starring strong
Life changes with new life
Both wanting the best for him
But I feel lost in the shuffle
Mama bear ready to hibernate
Tired of all the hunting

Am I selfish to want this
Should I sacrifice my soul
To get through another day
Deadlines winning the race
How can I keep running
Just a mother’s wish,
To be home with her baby

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sugar puff, a love poem

Sugar puff, sweet outside, crazy inside
I don't blame you, for wanting a taste
Flavour you've never tried before
Licking lips when I walk by, I see you

Eyes have it all each time, even when
You fronted to me and them all
Words speak too much every time
Feelings only take us so far

Walking poetry, you asked first
Don't hide from the answer
Whispered by hearts
My smirk should say it all

Romantic through and through
My plight every time
Just tell me you love me
And I'll think of you fondly

Seeing red

Red is...

anger, boiling inward, exploding outward
survival, fighting spirit , rattling cages
spontaneous, jumping first, asking later
passion, caring more, asking none

race cars, speeding fast, wind blowing
balloons, floating, full of hot air and ideas
arrows, targeting, bulls-eye every time
rocks, reminding, ancestors far and past

action, climbing, upward
feelings, feeling, everything
thoughts, innovating, controversial
ideas, intimidating, innocently

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 7th..chaos, a moment to celebrate love, and Tanabata

In a storm of chaos and challenge, a bamboo branch was extended to me,  that reminded me of what was really The day before began quite innocently and stressful for me.  I had just returned to work from an extended vacation (still sick and with no voice),  had to work until midnight that evening only to  return the following morning for inventory at 8 a.m. (that I was in charge of, and funny enough had scheduled because my hairdresser moved out of state and was only in town that weekend to do my's complicated). That evening at work was a nightmare...I was down 3 people, annoying glitches, unnecessary accidents that included my finger and toe, computer system crashes, and  traffic jams on the freeway at 1 a.m.  As I finally arrived home, bruised and deflated , I convinced myself that the next day would be great!  Miraculously I slept like my baby, woke bright eyed,  and all went well with inventory. The cherry on top was that my Regional Manager made a pop visit and demanded paperwork I had yet to complete and had to scrounge up last minute.  However,  I still stopped long enough during my hectic day to realize the date was July 7th, my 11th year dating anniversary with my husband.  Sure, we had been married three years and no longer celebrated our "dating" anniversary, but  it still meant a lot to me. I was still in the middle of inventory when I confided in my coworker the date's significant to me. What happened next took my breath away. My Japanese coworker shared that the date was also a special holiday in Japan called Tanabata. It is a very special holiday that celebrates the legend of two lovers, a prince and a princess, who were destined (or cursed) to only meet once a year on July 7th (on a bridge were they unite).  As a token, the people in Japan celebrate by writing their wishes on decorative paper and hanging them from long bamboo branches that are then placed in front of their  homes. It is a holiday celebrating love and wishes. I had never heard of this holiday and was touched that my husband and I shared our history of love on the same date. To celebrate this special occasion of love, I  share this poem, about and for, my love...

Clouds chased me, hiding sunshine
Blinded by pain and loss
Winds blowing fiercely through
Parting curtains and skirts
But only for a moment
Until you came...

Heart of gold and honey
Solid and sweet
I knew right away
You were my gift
But a fighter's spirit
Was hard to rest

You held tight, and loved 
Polishing diamonds clean
Hoping to shine as bright
As beacons in the night
Search was finally over
Love landed on shore

And here we are now
A decade flew us by
Like kids still laughing
How we've grown together
Still celebrating our love
Meeting half way, like Tanabata