Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life... a poem

Life is a journey
we all travel together
brother and sister
hand in hand always
you are never alone
trust in this always
even when faced with
what seems unbearable
love is always with you
wipe your tears and smile
you are special and loved
loved ones never leave
visiting when eyes close

Monday, October 17, 2011

flight...a poem

Hymns heard in winds
Drifting thoughts and hair
Maps in stars not read
Somehow became lost
Feet dragging soul along
With ghosts trailing behind
Are they seen in windows
As she walks by alone
Is a hand on her shoulder
Her beauty, her charm
Envelopes like incense
With palms over cheeks
She dares to cry at last
So strong for too long
Shoulders hunched over
Like mountains behind
She loves tigers and bears
But wishes for wings
Souring with eyes closed
Against sun and sky
She finally takes flight

Monday, October 10, 2011

Waters clear blue...a poem

I dreamt of you last night
I was swimming calmly
In awe of a paradise
So happy to spot you
But you swam away
Rejecting my efforts and kisses
Heart-broken as tears ran into
waters clear blue

But it was not all bad
For the waters were gentle
Not cold waves of dreams past
This time I was not afraid
Sitting on a dock singing
Quietly favorite Sade songs
Floating carelessly in
waters clear blue

Looking up at the sun
Filling my soul with calm
No more fears drowning
From troubled waves chasing
Just floating weightlessly
Lifted from anxiety and pain
In awe of light shining through
waters clear blue

Stay You...a poem

Stay strong my sister
When life smothers you
And problems bury your light
All happens for a reason
You may not yet understand

Stay patient my brother
When your feet are stuck
 And choices feel out of reach
 Live in the present moment
 The future will come soon enough.

Stay true my mother
When others tarnish you
And worries block your voice
Keep on your own path
And you will get where you're going

Stay grateful my friend
When nothing seems to work out right
And fear blocks your inner joy
Cherish each precious moment
For this too shall pass

Stay yourself you
When changing seems the only way
To make life easier for others
Let your soul shine brightly
And no one will put out your light.

Waking...a poem

Pain felt so real
Anguish leaving prints
On gentler souls
Fear shaking through
tired skin and bones
Forced to go on
toward collapse and death
Change an elusive fox
walking in quicksand
Choice not an option
in the real world.

Breaking point reached
body refusing to go on
With sleep's every sigh
soul slowly recharges
Eyes open to see clearly
true-self glowing bright
Courage replaces fear
filled with love
Soul wakes gently
back to life
in the real world.

Summer love

Drops making ripples
from still waters
Thunder shaking branches
from still poses
Lightening waking skies
from still dreams

Sun shining light
from still clouds
Wind singing songs
from still mouths
Trees sighing joy
from still leaves

Grass sitting gently
from still bodies
Breezes swaying softly
from still hair
Flowers seizing kisses
from still lips