Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mountains and Oceans...a poem

You are mountains and oceans
Highs and lows, climbing
Depths too low,  to find
Optimism sleeps this time
Not sure how you feel, if at all
Only dreams between us
One sided certainly this time
Closing eyes I feel you
Waking sees logic and reality
And even in fields of flowers
Feel power too strong
My heart breaks in half
Tears cannot even come
From this agony I feel
Not fair at all, perhaps delusion
That I could love you so much

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reach out your hand sister...a poem

Some can't handle fire
Flame burning too bright
With insecurity and fear
Willed to stomp out light

Women against women
Goddesses into warriors
Sisterhood lost once more
Especially in early years

Holding down talent with
Masculine strength and might
Instead of embracing others
Only seeking defense and fight

Reach out your hand sister
We can help each other
Instead of always fighting
Against one another

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally wakes....a poem

Blinds open against dusty windows
Light creeps in slowly, unsure
Breezes follow blowing behind
Sheets flap then fall softly down
Against smoothing hands patting
And fluffing things into place
Collection of empty glasses taken
Waters run freely from the shower
Towels folded clean and soft, ready
Steps thump against eager stairs
House yawns and stretches awake
Mistress finally wakes again