Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mountains gone today...a poem

Winds brought your
Voice to me
Arrow to my
Heart ripping through
Whispering in ears
Sleeping too long
Mountains gone today
From whipping winds
Hiding behind dust
Still searching far
Under the covers
Hiding feelings deep
Lost so long
Unearthed today to
Flowing tears strong
Even when flowing
Over scars healed

Curled like snails...a poem

I wrote something
Who really cares
Loved  you so
And so lost
So predictable but

Even in happiness
Heart hurts so
Like breaking earth
Into deepest parts
Lava can't reach

Today tears flow
Drowning it all
Gasping once more
Gone too fast
You left me

Forests mean nothing
Under innocent feet
Curled like snails
Unable to move
Twisted after all

Why today when
Sun shines bright
And you're gone
Figuring it out
This time alone

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Angels and Vampires...a poem

Fallen angel
Rising from
Black ash
White lips
Open wide

Wings flap
Against cheeks
Powder pink
Through lashes
She looks

Fangs hide
Under lips
Juicy red
Don't speak
Eternal longing

Looking glass
Still looking
Never finding
Always searching
Here I go again

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I was there...a poem

I was there
Waiting for you
Always strong
Hair flowing
With stars

Trees asked
As I walked 
I know you
Searched for me
And I cry

For you to
Find me finally
As sharks circle
And you swim
I perch gingerly

You searched for
Many moons and
Many more suns
Don't stop searching
I am here...waiting

Blue skies...a poem

Blue skies
Sun shines
Yellow lemons
Bright smiles
Clouds passed
Only love
Fills thoughts
Crystal clear
Life's path
Family only
Matters now
Helping others
Future holds
Sun shines
So happy!