Monday, August 20, 2012

Today's precious moment, visit from Butterfly.

This morning I was in the car with my husband and son, heading to an ultra sound appointment for our baby to come.  As we were stopped at a red light, I rubbed my belly and said "we get to see you today little baby. We get to see who has been doing all this kicking".  At that exact moment I looked up and saw a butterfly dance right across our windshield, from my husbands side all the way across to my side.  I laughed out in delight and joy, as I knew it was a sign from my little angel to come!

In the five years I have lived in Las Vegas, I have never seen a butterfly until this Spring.  It was March and I was finishing up training for my new job.  On my way home from training each day, I saw butterflies everywhere!  I thought the Butterfly was sending me a message of transformation and to go with the flow in reference to my new job.  I even purchased a butterfly pillow for the sofa in my home office to remind me of Butterfly's wise lessons.

It was such a delight to be visited by Butterfly again.  I took it as a sign of the transformation my life is to go through with the addition of a new baby.  As well as again the message of "going with the flow" with the rest of my pregnancy, reminding me of the magic and joy pregnancy brings.  Today was the last day of our stay-cation and the week had been especially difficult with me as I was so tired of being pregnant and feeling so tired and cranky all the time.  Butterfly's visit at the exact moment I acknowledged the excitement of seeing my baby was a special gift indeed. In the end, my uncomfortable Cocoon stage will be so worth it with the arrival of my beautiful baby boy!

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