Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sin City on fire...a poem

Sin City on fire
Pretty ironic indeed
Mourning loss, of you
Part of me too
Riches and Gold
In garbage bags
Dropped at Goodwill

Sin City on fire
Sunsets blood red
End of the World
Of  my childhood
Enlightenment having fun
Power of Now, now
Just stop thinking

Sin City on fire
Blocking the sun
Soot itching eyes
Blinking blindly
Through darkness
Slowly discovering
Eyes of sunshine

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dealing with loss...a poem

Dealing with loss
Not ready yet, to go there
That's OK, pain too much
Searching for symbols, seen
Behind every corner, every smile
Should I be angry, maybe uplifted
Everything is different, but others
Struggle to keep it the same

Life seemed normal, perfect
Until one moment changes
Everything, and you forever
Nothing feels the same, normal
Distant memory, who am I
Now a soldier, battle scars
Loss a cross roads, now what

Like a splash of water, loss
Not every one's journey
At least not so early
Which seems so unfair
Why me, why now, why...
So I breath, close my eyes
Choose my future, freedom

From anger, guilt,what ifs
Faith only choice, only way
To get through it all
Today, just today
One day, one step, at a time
Finding strength, purpose
To keep blooming

Sunday, May 12, 2013

For you...A Mother's Day Poem

On my mind
More than usual
Times of stress
And Crazy...
Feel your face
We smile together
Always, poised
My hero still,
Earth and Sun
Much overdo
Nothing compares
Diamond's shine
Always said,
Happy to be
Half the women
You ever were
Hard to describe
How magic works
Grace and heart
Inspires lions, and
Angels to sing
For you

I saw you today...A Mother's Day Poem

I saw you today
Saw your eyes
Unexpected moment
Standing there, looking
Arm around her
Expecting something
Both of you, just looking
Wishing I could capture
A moment happening
Longest week ever
Life can get so hard
Time lost so fast
But in that moment
As we all stood still
Creatures waiting
For my reaction,
On the Eve of
Mother's Day
I remembered just
How powerful
I really am


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Monster's guide to civility and humanity...a poem

Trying to define that which is undefinable.
Searching for self through the eyes of others.
Looking for a road map to follow, just to go off track.
Desperate to see what others see, only to laugh,
You don't know me at all.

Monster's guide to civility and humanity,
Is anyone ever really fooled?
Light/dark, feminine/masculine, weak/strong
A fucking oxymoron, who really cares?

Nothing and everything, rolled up in one,
Pretty pink box with bat wings, how I like it.
Lip gloss kisses served with an undercut,
Warrior princess, fighting for peace for all.
And when the curtain falls, something scary emerges...

Worn every mask, played every hand.
Mingled with locals, full of shits and giggles,
Only to waive pitch forks and torches.
Vampire teeth grinning through charming smiles,
What happens when effort and restraint stops.

Somehow a fire always under attack,
From feet lovingly stomping out.
So hide my flame under a bushel,
Smile and nod, yes I'm just like you.
Until with a slip, the tongue falls out.
Sorry if the truth offended you.