Saturday, January 19, 2013

Monster's guide to civility and humanity...a poem

Trying to define that which is undefinable.
Searching for self through the eyes of others.
Looking for a road map to follow, just to go off track.
Desperate to see what others see, only to laugh,
You don't know me at all.

Monster's guide to civility and humanity,
Is anyone ever really fooled?
Light/dark, feminine/masculine, weak/strong
A fucking oxymoron, who really cares?

Nothing and everything, rolled up in one,
Pretty pink box with bat wings, how I like it.
Lip gloss kisses served with an undercut,
Warrior princess, fighting for peace for all.
And when the curtain falls, something scary emerges...

Worn every mask, played every hand.
Mingled with locals, full of shits and giggles,
Only to waive pitch forks and torches.
Vampire teeth grinning through charming smiles,
What happens when effort and restraint stops.

Somehow a fire always under attack,
From feet lovingly stomping out.
So hide my flame under a bushel,
Smile and nod, yes I'm just like you.
Until with a slip, the tongue falls out.
Sorry if the truth offended you.

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