Friday, June 21, 2013

Dealing with loss...a poem

Dealing with loss
Not ready yet, to go there
That's OK, pain too much
Searching for symbols, seen
Behind every corner, every smile
Should I be angry, maybe uplifted
Everything is different, but others
Struggle to keep it the same

Life seemed normal, perfect
Until one moment changes
Everything, and you forever
Nothing feels the same, normal
Distant memory, who am I
Now a soldier, battle scars
Loss a cross roads, now what

Like a splash of water, loss
Not every one's journey
At least not so early
Which seems so unfair
Why me, why now, why...
So I breath, close my eyes
Choose my future, freedom

From anger, guilt,what ifs
Faith only choice, only way
To get through it all
Today, just today
One day, one step, at a time
Finding strength, purpose
To keep blooming

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