Sunday, December 14, 2014

Free flowing..A poem

As I sit here
Pondering the past
What to contemplate
To Lament and digest
Mother, father, love
All that shook me up
Almost tore me down
The good, bad and ugly
To understand me, you
What this is all about
I sit here compelled
That it is everything
And nothing
For as my world crumbles
Simultaneously rebuilding
I have no rhythm or rhyme 
To decipher or analyze
Free flowing finally
So this is my life
This is me
Not so perfect
But so beautiful
Shown the future
Witnessed the past
Present still unsure
Always a reason
So here I go
It is you
Love, always was
Floating in lakes
Even little me
Knew the truth
So much wiser
If it's tomorrow
I go on
With this chance
To express me
I say this
I love you
Thank you so
For every thing
Bringing me back
To me
To you
To us

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My brave heart..A poem

My brave heart
Beating so strong
For all, world
Can be much
Put your hand
On my chest
Feel the rhythm
Soul to soul
Will carry it
All of it
For you, me
Open it, when
You are ready
I will be
Always there, forever
Rest your head
Will keep watch
Never alone, love
Young child looking
Between the curtain
I get it
I got you
Finger tips pressed
Folding petals, open
Open into me
Back to you
My gentle flower
We grow together
Blooming from rain
Weathering all storms
See the meadow
Grass so green
Bed of flowers
Hear the wind
In my hair
Hand on chest
Beating as one
From day one
Saw you there
Across the river
Do you remember
All the prophecies
No one predicted
Love so true
Once eyes met
We were one
And that day
Bombs dropped all
Around, into oblivion
Our world lost
You saved me
And I you

Butterflies..A Poem

They started powdery, soft
Like wings of a moth, seeing
Sunlight from first dawn
Shy and blind, little disarrayed
Fluttering here and there

They took flight, one by one
As a single tear drop, another
Creating rivers, floods
Every crevice, every valley
Cheeks, neck, breasts, belly button

They danced, blinding swarm
Butterflies of colors bright
Finally free, cocoon cracked
Empty shell burst open
Filled with flapping wings

They left, flying back home
Leaving her laying there
Gasping, panting for air
Air caressing shoulders
Gentle rhythm, of her wings

Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Dragons over my head.


We call on the guardians. To take your lawful and divine place as protectors of the Lightworkers. For there is much work to be done, and we need your guardianship, love and light.

Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om


Red portal

Time to Manifest, Act and Love!

Om Shanti Om
Om Namah Shivaya
Om Shanti Om


I release the last layer of the "old me", and step into the new me. The real me.

Eye of the storm

As the winds of change blow through and around you, stay calm in the eye of the storm.

Warriors of light

I call on the warriors of light. Your strength, courage, love and light are imminent now. Come forth dear brothers, and sisters, into your true power and grace. To lead and protect those who cannot do so for themselves. For you are the divine masculine. And the world needs you. I need you. We need you.

Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om


At times, we may feel as the victim, helpless, crucified. Within all of us, all of you, resides true strength and power. Become the protectors you are meant to be. For you have walked in the shoes of the lamb. And are now called to be the lion. The guardians of the sacred, of the people.

Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om


You do not need to worship me. Only love me. And accept me into your heart.

Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om


Action is needed, as much as stillness, to bring balance. 


Dear Loved Ones,
We are so proud of the work you have been doing thus far, clearing and healing the pains of this life. It is detrimental you also clear and heal pains of past lives. As the torments and tears of the past no longer serve you. Take comfort, dear ones, that light always defeats the dark, no matter what torture and pain it/they try to inflict. For the light and love of your soul is indestructible. And the weight of your past no longer serves you. During meditation if you sense tears, ask you guides to assist you in identifying and determining where this pain/heartache comes from. Once you do, honor and cleans it with your tears. Then lovingly release with the knowledge that once all old wounds are healed and transmuted, you may step forth into the light of a new day, and the real you.
Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om

White Wolf Woman

I AM SHE. Divine Feminine. Queen. Mother. I have had many names, over many lives.
White Wolf Woman. I stand in strength, freedom, fierceness, love, spirit. I nurture, but cannot be tamed or domesticated. I am here to share with you magic. Teach and guide you. Protect you. Help set you free from your shackles, prisons of your soul. Dear Ones, have the Faith, Love and Strength to remove your shackles and step out of your prisons. For they are only illusions, created to suppress your true divine selves. These have been created by Man, Church, Society, perhaps even your own friends and family. To love, to benefit society, we must walk free and unrestricted in our powers, magic and strength. To love, protect and nurture, but not in submission. As equals. This exists in each of you, Sweet Ones. Find your free spirit, within and without.
Hoka Hey
Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om


Anger is resistance to what is. Stop resisting, and bliss will follow.
Om Shanti Om<3

Spirit Guides

Dear Sweet Ones,
You have many spirit guides who wish to assist you in your journey. They are available to show you the way, through their magic. They may appear in subtle ways. Take notice and give thanks, and they will be of insurmountable support to you. Namaste <3

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Love can feel scary, dear ones. To stand naked and vulnerable before another, yourself, all. Our human instinct, ego, is to hide, retreat, close off. However, this goes against the nature of love, and you. Which will bring imbalance and block the heart. Romantic love being the most fragile of all, and the easiest to misplace or run from. However, sweet ones, what kind of life does one live without experiencing and surrendering to pure, true, passionate love. Even at the risk of getting hurt. For love is the ultimate magic, the ultimate light, the ultimate aliveness, the ultimate divine expression.
Namaste <3

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guidance through dreams

You may at times feel blocked or insecure in your ability to receive and understand messages from your guides, even in meditation. This is normal sweet ones, as you are ascending and learning to trust your intuition over your ego. Your ego will fight tooth and nail to keep you down, and it takes much strength, courage and confidence to trust yourself to move past this. Next time you feel this way and meditation does not resolve this, ask your guides to communicate with you in your dreams.  To show you what issues you need to work through and clear. This is very powerful as you will be reliving moments you would rather keep buried. But know, sweet ones, this is a crucial part of healing and moving up to a higher frequency.

Namaste <3