Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Living with Angel Wings

It's been a month since,
Discovering my angel wings,
And becoming spiritually enlightened.
And so much has happened so fast.
It's like opening the flood gates.
I feel brimming with love and light.
Like strings of a guitar finally in tune.
Images of sunflowers and angel wings,
Everywhere as a reminder from my angels.
That I am on track.
Even the toy my son came home with today.
With this new state of mind, my body follows.
Able to maintain my sense of calmness and joy,
For the first time during usually dreadful PMS,
Without experiencing rage and impatience!
Testament to how state of mind and thoughts,
Affect the physical plane and body, even hormones.
Our thoughts really have that much power.
Negative thoughts can cause physical pain,
To self and others, and the World.
Positive loving thoughts can heal, comfort and uplift.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Thought for the day..unexpected Zen

Today I had my first Zen moment.
After a stressful Monday of running,
The kids to the doctors office.
After baby had a fever all weekend.
Dropping them to daycare,
And picking up prescriptions.
I arrive home to eat before work.
I'm PMS'ing the week I give up..
Chocolate and coffee!
After eating lunch I make a cup of
Soothing peppermint tea with lemon.
I squeeze in the lemon and notice,
A lemon seed in the cup.
Fearful of choking on it later,
I attempt to fish it out. Only to find,
Another one appears! Doubling the challenge!
Normally I would get flustered and angry.
As each attempt to fish them out fails.
In that moment I took a deep breath.
Time stood still as I used intuition,
To locate each lemon seed, one at a time.
Feeling like a Zen Master I sensed, located,
And removed each seed with patience.
Pondering this accomplishment for a moment..
I Realized the act of making the tea brought,
Greater opportunity for a calm state of mind,
Then drinking it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thought for the day...unexpected lessons

My 4 year old son came into my home office.
"You have a cool floor lamp mommy"!
"I want to turn it on".
Excited the lamp turned on by a wall switch
"I want to leave your lamp on forever"!

I explained we do not want to waste electricity.
Just like we do not want to waste our food.
We want to use only what we need,
To make sure there is enough for everybody.

Friday, March 14, 2014


My symbol is the sunflower.
With light can nurture,
With my seeds. And plant,
To produce more.
Seeds of change.
Veganism and beauty.
What is your symbol?
Take a moment to reflect.
Now share it with the world!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thought of the yourself

Always trust your first choice,
As it comes from your soul.
The minute you try to doubt,
You second guess the Devine

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thought for the secret

If you wish to look more beautiful,
Focus on thinking beautiful thoughts.
For they will shine from the inside,
And radiate like no cosmetics can.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dirty little secret.

I have a confession to make.  A dirty little secret. That has cost me friendships and relationships. Has created enemies and rivals. Causing teachers and parents distress in childhood, and authority figures in later years. What could this monstrosity be? I love myself. Consider the power of this statement for a moment.

As far back as I remember, I have always possessed a self love. A confidence and respect for myself. An internal compass that always made me feel I was on track. This does not come from ego. As I am quite shy and introverted by nature. I looked like a little boy when I was little and grew into my looks after puberty. And when I grew into my looks I admired those too. I would look in the mirror and be inspired. I was even embarrassingly caught once by a friend who noticed I was admiring my reflection in a glass door behind her as we were talking.  I didn't then nor now think I am the prettiest, the smartest, the most anything. I admire those I can learn from or be inspired by, not threatened or intimidated. However, from an early age my confidence and self love seemed to be questioned by others. I seemed to pose a threat to adults and teachers who could not sway or bend my determination with their authority. Peers who were resentful as they seemed overcome with insecurities. Sneer comments such as being able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. A comment from an ex-boyfriend that I sugar coat everything because I didn't get upset when he tried to pick a fight with me over my previous relationship. A friend who felt the need to write me an email that life is hard and I wear rose colored glasses, as a reaction to me telling her everything will work out during her troubled times. A manager who gave me a card that says "anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice" even though I was her top performer. The list goes on and on and on. My strong character, enthusiasm, optimism, intelligence, good taste, honesty, and all of my other strengths are celebrated by me. I am grateful, and I work hard to keep the compass pointing in the right direction. As I always strive to be the best I can in every situation, see missteps as opportunities, and maintained faith even in the most dire of life situations, I have stirred some strong responses from others. It is something I still do not understand, for as much as I love myself, I love others even more. I look for the best in all and everyone.

And it leaves me wondering, do others have this same self love? I heard many times from others that they do not like, even hate, themselves. How does one function that way? How can they not see the light that I see from them?  How can one be blind from one's own light? What put it out, and how does one bring it back? What saddens me is how many people who were close to me, that were supposed to care about me and love me, tried to put my light out. I have spent a lot of time hiding my light under a bushel. But, I am ready to let it shine unhindered. Love starts from within. It can be complimented by others, if you are lucky. And shared with others, if you are brave. Do you love yourself? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thought of the day...time to bloom

Upon waking this morning I had a vision.
Of a tiny seed,
From which many flowers bloomed.
I know what my message was.
I share this now with you.
What is your seed?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Discovering my angel wing.

A strange occurrence happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  I took an online test shared by a friend to see if you are an Incarnated Angel.  Seemed fun as I love any facebook tests and personality tests.  After contemplating and researching the results I got as an "Elemental" as in elves and fairies (and bugging people on which they thought I am) I laid down for bedtime.  I lay on my stomach and my back was facing up with shoulder blades exposed as I wore a tank top.  I felt tension and then wind on my shoulder blades.  I looked up on the wall next to my bead and saw a shadow of a feathered angel wing.  It stretched about 6-7 feet across.  There is no way anything in my room could have projected that image.  I was in shock and disbelief and went to sleep.  I often dream of totem animals, or animals that visit to share different messages and solutions to my problems.  But, have never witnessed anything like this before!  The next day I reread the link for the test and I rechecked my results and went into my office to see my test results.  Somehow I got the categories mixed up and my major results fell into 1-6 for Incarnated Angel, not incarnated element (elves, fairies, trolls and leprechauns).  Also that night before I turned the lights out I was inspired to write a poem in an old journal I bought when in college.  Usually I do it on my computer but it was downstairs and I didn't feel like getting it.  I started to write the poem but then wasn't feeling it.  That's when I turned out the lights and had the above experience.  Here is the cover of my journal. 


Incarnated angels are spirits from the angelic realm who incarnate as humans with a mission to help people learn something specific.  Another term is Lightworkers.  As described in, a Lightworker are those who volunteer before birth to help the planet and it's people to heal from fear. And have innate spiritual gifts such as spiritual healing gifts, psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities.  Which may be expressed and shared with others through feeling compelled to write, teach and counsel.

This discovery I am an Incarnated Angel, or a Lightworker, left me feeling very overwhelmed.  As well as doubtful that little old me could have such honor, because I do not act like an "angel".   As I dug deeper into angels and Lightworkers I discovered that all souls have purpose, as we are all beings of light and creations of god.  My mission is just a little different than others.  I have always felt different and that I have a life purpose to help people.

In the past two weeks I have since received many signs, messages and visions from my Archangels to ease my self doubt and fear, and encourage me with my life mission and that all of this is in fact real.  Even though I was brought up Roman Catholic I did not know anything about Archangels and who they are.  The first to make himself known to me was Uriel.  I was unsure of the images I was receiving through day dreams, dreams and intuition.  I did not know what they meant until one day I woke up from a nap and had an intuitive feeling to look up archangels, the time was 1:11pm, with 111 being a very significant number, as angel number 111 represents spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Upon my search I quickly recognized Uriel as the meaning or visitor of my visions and dreams!  This discovery and keeping an open mind and heart to the information I was receiving was like opening flood gates.  Each time I doubted myself I received powerful signs from angels such as sequence of angel numbers.  One day I saw 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 all in one day!  And I was not watching the clock, it was totally random!  With each numerical sequence representing their own messages of encouragement and support (search the Internet for 'Angel numbers' to learn more).  I discovered I have 3 personal archangels watching over me, Uriel, Jophine and Michael.  They came to visit me when I was taking a bath, speaking to me in unison.  They answered all my questions and comforted me with their love and support.  It goes without saying I was not on any drugs, alcohol or medication.  I was not under any stress, but just relaxing while taking a bath.  They shared with me my soul mission.  The following day they came to visit again while I was laying down to take a nap and encouraged me to share my story.  They said it is important to get the word out about angels and Archangels, for people need to believe in angels more than ever now.

I wrote a draft for this entry yesterday, yet felt scared and vulnerable to share such information.  Not sure how people will react or what they will think of me.  I decided to sleep on it, and this morning just as I was waking I received another message from my angels.."prism".  Quite fitting on every level.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.