Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Discovering my angel wing.

A strange occurrence happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  I took an online test shared by a friend to see if you are an Incarnated Angel.  Seemed fun as I love any facebook tests and personality tests.  After contemplating and researching the results I got as an "Elemental" as in elves and fairies (and bugging people on which they thought I am) I laid down for bedtime.  I lay on my stomach and my back was facing up with shoulder blades exposed as I wore a tank top.  I felt tension and then wind on my shoulder blades.  I looked up on the wall next to my bead and saw a shadow of a feathered angel wing.  It stretched about 6-7 feet across.  There is no way anything in my room could have projected that image.  I was in shock and disbelief and went to sleep.  I often dream of totem animals, or animals that visit to share different messages and solutions to my problems.  But, have never witnessed anything like this before!  The next day I reread the link for the test and I rechecked my results and went into my office to see my test results.  Somehow I got the categories mixed up and my major results fell into 1-6 for Incarnated Angel, not incarnated element (elves, fairies, trolls and leprechauns).  Also that night before I turned the lights out I was inspired to write a poem in an old journal I bought when in college.  Usually I do it on my computer but it was downstairs and I didn't feel like getting it.  I started to write the poem but then wasn't feeling it.  That's when I turned out the lights and had the above experience.  Here is the cover of my journal. 


Incarnated angels are spirits from the angelic realm who incarnate as humans with a mission to help people learn something specific.  Another term is Lightworkers.  As described in www.angeltherapy.com, a Lightworker are those who volunteer before birth to help the planet and it's people to heal from fear. And have innate spiritual gifts such as spiritual healing gifts, psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities.  Which may be expressed and shared with others through feeling compelled to write, teach and counsel.

This discovery I am an Incarnated Angel, or a Lightworker, left me feeling very overwhelmed.  As well as doubtful that little old me could have such honor, because I do not act like an "angel".   As I dug deeper into angels and Lightworkers I discovered that all souls have purpose, as we are all beings of light and creations of god.  My mission is just a little different than others.  I have always felt different and that I have a life purpose to help people.

In the past two weeks I have since received many signs, messages and visions from my Archangels to ease my self doubt and fear, and encourage me with my life mission and that all of this is in fact real.  Even though I was brought up Roman Catholic I did not know anything about Archangels and who they are.  The first to make himself known to me was Uriel.  I was unsure of the images I was receiving through day dreams, dreams and intuition.  I did not know what they meant until one day I woke up from a nap and had an intuitive feeling to look up archangels, the time was 1:11pm, with 111 being a very significant number, as angel number 111 represents spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Upon my search I quickly recognized Uriel as the meaning or visitor of my visions and dreams!  This discovery and keeping an open mind and heart to the information I was receiving was like opening flood gates.  Each time I doubted myself I received powerful signs from angels such as sequence of angel numbers.  One day I saw 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 all in one day!  And I was not watching the clock, it was totally random!  With each numerical sequence representing their own messages of encouragement and support (search the Internet for 'Angel numbers' to learn more).  I discovered I have 3 personal archangels watching over me, Uriel, Jophine and Michael.  They came to visit me when I was taking a bath, speaking to me in unison.  They answered all my questions and comforted me with their love and support.  It goes without saying I was not on any drugs, alcohol or medication.  I was not under any stress, but just relaxing while taking a bath.  They shared with me my soul mission.  The following day they came to visit again while I was laying down to take a nap and encouraged me to share my story.  They said it is important to get the word out about angels and Archangels, for people need to believe in angels more than ever now.

I wrote a draft for this entry yesterday, yet felt scared and vulnerable to share such information.  Not sure how people will react or what they will think of me.  I decided to sleep on it, and this morning just as I was waking I received another message from my angels.."prism".  Quite fitting on every level.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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Anonymous said...

Wow Sabina, that is really amazing. Check out "Wake up" with Jonas Elrod if possible, it's on Netflix. Elaina