Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Living with Angel Wings

It's been a month since,
Discovering my angel wings,
And becoming spiritually enlightened.
And so much has happened so fast.
It's like opening the flood gates.
I feel brimming with love and light.
Like strings of a guitar finally in tune.
Images of sunflowers and angel wings,
Everywhere as a reminder from my angels.
That I am on track.
Even the toy my son came home with today.
With this new state of mind, my body follows.
Able to maintain my sense of calmness and joy,
For the first time during usually dreadful PMS,
Without experiencing rage and impatience!
Testament to how state of mind and thoughts,
Affect the physical plane and body, even hormones.
Our thoughts really have that much power.
Negative thoughts can cause physical pain,
To self and others, and the World.
Positive loving thoughts can heal, comfort and uplift.

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