Monday, March 24, 2014

Thought for the day..unexpected Zen

Today I had my first Zen moment.
After a stressful Monday of running,
The kids to the doctors office.
After baby had a fever all weekend.
Dropping them to daycare,
And picking up prescriptions.
I arrive home to eat before work.
I'm PMS'ing the week I give up..
Chocolate and coffee!
After eating lunch I make a cup of
Soothing peppermint tea with lemon.
I squeeze in the lemon and notice,
A lemon seed in the cup.
Fearful of choking on it later,
I attempt to fish it out. Only to find,
Another one appears! Doubling the challenge!
Normally I would get flustered and angry.
As each attempt to fish them out fails.
In that moment I took a deep breath.
Time stood still as I used intuition,
To locate each lemon seed, one at a time.
Feeling like a Zen Master I sensed, located,
And removed each seed with patience.
Pondering this accomplishment for a moment..
I Realized the act of making the tea brought,
Greater opportunity for a calm state of mind,
Then drinking it.

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