Friday, May 23, 2014

Coming out of the Spiritual closet.

Many people are frightened by "Spirituality", even if they don't admit it. Does it make one feel vulnerable? Small? Not in control? These same people will celebrate religious holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, but will approach spirituality with skepticism. Will doubt those that have the ability to speak to God and Angels, able to heal with the power of the mind (despite scientific proof), forsee or feel aspects of future events (despite more scientific proof). With a human past of fear that led to accusing spiritual people of witchcraft and burning them at the stake, that still exists in the vibrations of our planet, no wonder spiritual people are afraid to "come out of the spiritual closet".

So what is so scary about Spirituality, God, healing with the mind, love? What is so far fetching about everyone being connected with a collective consciousness? That God loves you unconditionally and wants the best for you, and any pain and misery is your own creation? That each one of you has a Guardian Angel that watches out for you, as you stumble through life, catching and uplifting you when you fall? That we all have these abilities and you just have to tap into them? To me, these are all comforting things. To know that I am loved and protected. That I am not alone. What is scary to me is the opposite. That we are all alone. That the Universe is an empty vastness, composed of gasses and rocks. That only pills and drugs will make us well. That there are no Angels. No God. Pretty scary if you ask me.

I am here to tell you, without a doubt, Angels and God do exist. How do I know? Because I have seen them with my own eyes, have heard them with my own ears, have spoken to them. Have witnessed "miracles". Followed God and Angels with Faith, and have been lovingly guided. I really don't care if others don't believe me, ridicule me, shun me, run from me. For I would rather live with an open and honest heart full of love, then live in any state of fear. Those you deem as "crazy" spiritual people are actually enlightened, or themselves are incarnated angels, and are here to help you, not threaten you.

So I leave you with a little challenge. Right now, say or think, "My angels, please give me a sign that you are real and actually do exist". And see what happens. You have nothing to loose, do you? I promise, I won't think you are crazy. And for those that hold the light, that do believe, start the dialogue with those that do not. It's time to come out of the Spiritual closet.

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