Sunday, June 29, 2014

Magic in the Clouds-Summer Solstice 2014

Summer Solstice 2014
Angels, faery, Archangel, feather over my house!

Dragon over my house.

Dragon over my house.

Divine masculine and feminine

Divine masculine and feminine over my house. Floating side by side, too large to capture completely and in one picture. Namaste <3

You are never alone

Dear Ones,
You are never alone, as your angels always look over you, protect you, and love you.

You are beautiful

Dear Sweet Ones,
Do not be afraid or ashamed to show your true beauty. For you are all what makes this world so beautiful. Namaste<3

Unconditional love

Dear Sweet Ones,
Love is something that is not to be owned, possessed, held, owed or obligated. The nature of love is to flow freely. Unrestricted, unshackled. Let go of your love for others. This may feel scary at first. This is your ego’s instinct to control. Set love free. As true divine love is within. And if you have another soul that is your divine union, you will both unite freely. Namaste<3

Monday, June 16, 2014

And I Fold...A Poem

Talk a lot of game
But stand here, bare
Heart open, vulnerable
Passed Ego, unmask
Wings open, mind too
Know what you want
And I fold, and fold
Maybe open, like a flower
Open to you fully, now
I remember forever
At least the past
Trying my best
Loving a mirage
But I do, I do
Know you better
Than even myself
You wait, wait still
Feel you, your pain
Love matching, but
Why is there a but
Leap of faith, taken
But, one foot still
On the edge, thinking
Tip toes, almost there
I know it's my fault
Working so hard
But I promise you
When I know fully
I will finally fly
You found me
And I am here
Turned around
To face you
With you, unfolding
Like a flower
Blooming so sweet
I walk a lot of game
Never backing down
Warrior still, always
Found the real me
Finally, with you
Jumping head first
No turning back now
I fly, back to you
No safety net
Afraid no more

(written 6/3/14)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the Edge...A Poem

On the edge
Toes curled over
Afraid to plunge
Into unknown depth
My own heart
You, so bottomless
Afraid once saw
Your face clearly
Wouldn't look away
Faced greatest fear
Current life over
Saw with heart
You standing behind
So I trusted
Closed my eyes
And finally leaped

Friday, June 6, 2014

Almost There...A poem

Almost there
Finger tips
Arms stretched
For you
Heart open
Lips parted
Yet unable
Toes hanging
Over edge
Still fear
Holds me
Help me
My love
Over that
Last hurtle
How to
Love you
Without fear
To jump
Leaf of

Thursday, June 5, 2014

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