Monday, June 16, 2014

And I Fold...A Poem

Talk a lot of game
But stand here, bare
Heart open, vulnerable
Passed Ego, unmask
Wings open, mind too
Know what you want
And I fold, and fold
Maybe open, like a flower
Open to you fully, now
I remember forever
At least the past
Trying my best
Loving a mirage
But I do, I do
Know you better
Than even myself
You wait, wait still
Feel you, your pain
Love matching, but
Why is there a but
Leap of faith, taken
But, one foot still
On the edge, thinking
Tip toes, almost there
I know it's my fault
Working so hard
But I promise you
When I know fully
I will finally fly
You found me
And I am here
Turned around
To face you
With you, unfolding
Like a flower
Blooming so sweet
I walk a lot of game
Never backing down
Warrior still, always
Found the real me
Finally, with you
Jumping head first
No turning back now
I fly, back to you
No safety net
Afraid no more

(written 6/3/14)

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