Thursday, July 31, 2014

White Wolf Woman

I AM SHE. Divine Feminine. Queen. Mother. I have had many names, over many lives.
White Wolf Woman. I stand in strength, freedom, fierceness, love, spirit. I nurture, but cannot be tamed or domesticated. I am here to share with you magic. Teach and guide you. Protect you. Help set you free from your shackles, prisons of your soul. Dear Ones, have the Faith, Love and Strength to remove your shackles and step out of your prisons. For they are only illusions, created to suppress your true divine selves. These have been created by Man, Church, Society, perhaps even your own friends and family. To love, to benefit society, we must walk free and unrestricted in our powers, magic and strength. To love, protect and nurture, but not in submission. As equals. This exists in each of you, Sweet Ones. Find your free spirit, within and without.
Hoka Hey
Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om

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