Sunday, November 9, 2014

My brave heart..A poem

My brave heart
Beating so strong
For all, world
Can be much
Put your hand
On my chest
Feel the rhythm
Soul to soul
Will carry it
All of it
For you, me
Open it, when
You are ready
I will be
Always there, forever
Rest your head
Will keep watch
Never alone, love
Young child looking
Between the curtain
I get it
I got you
Finger tips pressed
Folding petals, open
Open into me
Back to you
My gentle flower
We grow together
Blooming from rain
Weathering all storms
See the meadow
Grass so green
Bed of flowers
Hear the wind
In my hair
Hand on chest
Beating as one
From day one
Saw you there
Across the river
Do you remember
All the prophecies
No one predicted
Love so true
Once eyes met
We were one
And that day
Bombs dropped all
Around, into oblivion
Our world lost
You saved me
And I you

Butterflies..A Poem

They started powdery, soft
Like wings of a moth, seeing
Sunlight from first dawn
Shy and blind, little disarrayed
Fluttering here and there

They took flight, one by one
As a single tear drop, another
Creating rivers, floods
Every crevice, every valley
Cheeks, neck, breasts, belly button

They danced, blinding swarm
Butterflies of colors bright
Finally free, cocoon cracked
Empty shell burst open
Filled with flapping wings

They left, flying back home
Leaving her laying there
Gasping, panting for air
Air caressing shoulders
Gentle rhythm, of her wings