Sunday, December 14, 2014

Free flowing..A poem

As I sit here
Pondering the past
What to contemplate
To Lament and digest
Mother, father, love
All that shook me up
Almost tore me down
The good, bad and ugly
To understand me, you
What this is all about
I sit here compelled
That it is everything
And nothing
For as my world crumbles
Simultaneously rebuilding
I have no rhythm or rhyme 
To decipher or analyze
Free flowing finally
So this is my life
This is me
Not so perfect
But so beautiful
Shown the future
Witnessed the past
Present still unsure
Always a reason
So here I go
It is you
Love, always was
Floating in lakes
Even little me
Knew the truth
So much wiser
If it's tomorrow
I go on
With this chance
To express me
I say this
I love you
Thank you so
For every thing
Bringing me back
To me
To you
To us

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