Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mall parking lot...A Poem

Take me there soul
Is how I begin
Reflection of a moment
So perfectly divine
So utterly beautiful
So completely perfect
Just a glimpse, I saw
My garden, sunlight
World standing still
I lived there
That small square
Of blowing leaves
And dancing light
Wedged by concrete
Parking lot, Earth Day
At the mall
With my kids, today
Dying thousand deaths
Yesterday, I live
Stress flew away
World stopped spinning
Fifth dimension here
Heaven now here
In that square
That perfect moment
Mall parking lot
Allowing rains down
Almost, parking lot
Arriving later, alone
Washing, tending, nurturing
As I reread
This very creation
Beginning of this longer
In a square
Mall parking lot
Slice of heaven
Is infinite, everywhere
Throws petals, steps
From here on
Trillion steps before
Yes, deep man,
Can you hang
Overflow, into me
Into you, and I see
Your very soul
Can you still hang, man
Will you open to me
To your very core
Because I am
Already there, see
Feel, know, you
Even a flower
Is relentless, reaching
And I will reach
Every simple moment
Every single day
My garden grows
Everywhere, even concrete

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I feel..A Poem

I feel, oh
Everything, everyone
Flowing through
My very soul
Tears well up
Flow, babbling brooks
Through streams, rivers
My heart, oceans
Swelling full, love
Flows ever through
And I feel
Oh, I feel
The whole world
Every leaf blowing
Every child born
Parading through me
Very core, deep
Yet I dive
Ever deeper, into
Everything, everyone
Going, reaching
Womb of you
And I feel
Oh I feel