Saturday, May 9, 2015

I was a human shield

This weekend will not be easy, for most of us. As Mother's Day is such a special day to honor our mothers. Many of us are mothers, and deserve so much to be honored. As the angels shine down Divine Feminine energy this special weekend, as the entire world is birthed anew, our mother issues will need to be healed and released. I myself had lost my mother when I was 16 years old. And sometimes I still miss her, even though I am able to connect with her in spirit and celebrate her in the ethers. As you transcend  into the 4th and 5th dimension, the pains of the 3rd dimension are being called to be mourned and released. Even if you do not believe in or understand what this means, you will be affected by this one way or another. And your angels are here for you.

I would like to share a personal story. As I sit here surrounded by Archangels and celestial love. As I have transitioned into the 5th dimension, I have been brought back down into the 4th dimension for several reasons today, including to assist you in this healing. As your Divine Mother, I love you so much and I am so proud of you. The story I would like to share is how I prevented a mother from being killed. This may seem raw, but this is what is needed to heal. Face it straight on. A month ago I was involved in a car accident. The morning started out magickal. I left my family behind to go to run some errands. I went to the park to meditate and made my second angel reading video. Then I went to do some shopping for new clothes, which I had not done in a long time. I spent much longer shopping and out and about then usual. As I approached my house, only across the street, crossing the main street I got struck. Something outside of me took control and I pulled out into the street. As I saw the truck coming toward me time froze. I knew in that moment to not do anything but allow the car to hit me, for any other move may have put others in danger. I have never been in a car accident before. As the truck came flying toward me, with my kids at home just across the street, I exhaled and trusted.

After impact I pried the door open and came out. Not in shock. Calm. Compassionate. The other driver came out of the car, panicked, angry, upset, cursing. The accident was my fault. I came out right in front of him. He was speeding. I didn't see him. As I saw his truck approach me before collision it was like he came out of the thin air, mist. I listened to him rant about it not being his truck, and it was just custom built and he doesn't have a license. I was so calm, present, kept saying I was glad no one was hurt. I was able to calm him. Both of our vehicles were not drivable, otherwise I know he would have fled. What I didn't know yet was why the accident occurred. Yes, there was a reason. Of course.

As we waited for the police I called to arrive, a man and his young son pulled up next to me. He said he was an off duty police officer and said we can move over to the side. I explained our cars were not drivable, as we both experienced front wheel damage. He seemed angry, upset this happened. I felt such love for him. A true hero. Always on duty. I looked at his young sons face. They left. The man who struck me said the off duty officer tried stopping him at the previous stop sign, tried pulling him over. My husband arrived with my two young sons. The police officers arrived. The one who dealt with me was so kind, in such a good mood. Happy, relieved that my boys were not in the car with me. I waited in my husband's car with my boys as he dealt with the police report. The officer came over to the car, talked to my boys, told me how he has three young daughters. He was compassionate and sorry I had to receive a citation. I watched this all like a movie. Completely at peace with it all. No worries about my car, citation, money, why this happened even though I just spent the morning doing God's work.

I arrived home and felt compelled to take a shower. In the shower the angels showed me the reason for the car accident. The man was speeding and just the next street over there is a school. A young mother of four, with two of her young children in the car, with the older two at school, would have been struck and killed by this man. In her mini van, in front of her two young children. The off duty police officer with his young son would have witnessed it. The kind officer would have arrived at a totally different scene. He would have been very affected by this. The man who caused the car accident, would have gone to jail. His life would have been ruined. Even though he was already in big trouble, for the officer told me he did not have insurance, a driver's license and not driving his car. I acted as a human shield. All 5'4, 120 lbs of me, in my small two door Acura. A mother of a 2 and 5 year old. The off duty officer was guided by Archangel Michael to try to stop the driver, to prevent the accident. That is why he was upset, his higher self was upset an accident occurred at all. The officer on duty was in such a good mood because his higher self was relieved I was able to stop him and no one was hurt.

The angels showed me all of this. The higher selves of the mom, and all four of her kids, came to me in the shower. Thanked me. All of this brought me to my knees as I cried it out in the pounding water, that washed it away. Grateful for it all. I came downstairs from the shower and my husband walked in from the mechanic, and handed me my crystal. The one I had placed on my driver's side door when I left the park, the door that was struck. My higher self agreed to this. As did my husbands. And as I told him what the angels told me in the shower, he said he sensed I would be in a car accident when he realized I took longer than usual. How beautifully orchestrated it all was. Although I am no longer afraid of death, as I know there is no such thing, the present is still a gift. I think of this mom and her kids tonight. Of losing my own mom to cancer when I was only 16. How my life was affected by growing up without her in it. I am healing this. Many are. The pain of loss. Of grief. The illusion of it all.

The beauty of this story, is not that all walked away uninjured. That is not the story at all. The beauty of this story, is that all happens for a reason. All sign up for it. And as we trust, ourselves, our intuition, our promptings, God, we are always protected. Many angels were there that day. With all of us. And they always are. Whatever you are grieving now, as you are if you are reading this story, release it. Accept all happened just as it was supposed to. That there were no victims, including you. All played out the destiny they signed up for. For this is how powerful this time is Now. There are no accidents. All is being healed. All is being worked out as it should be. Trust.

The day after the accident, I got into a car with no fear. It took a month to get my car back, and it was very close to being totaled. Here is a picture I took today of me in my car, with my two boys in the back. On my journey. My adventure.

Namaste <3

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