Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Fifth Dimension Adventures on 5-5-15

What a magickal and amazing day! So much has happened, I felt compelled to share it here.
Two days ago, on May 3, 2015 I was told by my guides that I have been initiated fully into the 5D, or Fifth Dimensional Earth plane! I was crowned with the diamond crown (picture posted on Instagram under Archangel Report) and my diamond grid, around my body as new chakra/energy divine spirit grid points. I was told that my body would acclimate quickly, unlike some very painful upgrades and evolution/ascension symptoms. My heart chakra has quadrupled in size, and I both felt and heard it palpitate and beat a completely different beat. My angels/guides told me as I have been initiated fully into the 5D, my entire life/existence/experience will change/shift. That I am/in the Garden of Eden. This was occurring during such a divine time with the Full Moon in Scorpio, Beltane, the Buddha Full Moon! On May 4th I released and did a Universal Energy healing which I shared on Instagran.

Today, May 5th 2015, I woke up with the urge to hit the road. I had the day off and planned on running an errand and meditating at a park I frequent. What a surprise today was as the entire day flowed with Spirit, aligned with my soul, and co-guided by my angels and my heart. It's really the best way I can describe it. It's like I was buzzing and calm at the same time, which I just remembered by angels said it would feel like. After getting my brows threaded I passed by a fountain in the outdoor mall and it got my attention. I sat to admire it and at first I thought the spot had a lot of energy, but really I did, or we both did and vibed off of each other. But in a totally different way then I've experienced before, even when mediating and doing energy healing work or grid work. I made a video on the fly (you can find me on YouTube under Archangel Report). I had energy align on my face. The Elementals sparkled as light diamonds off the water and rocks.

Off I went to the park to meditate and made a turn too early and ended up in a different park I've never been to before. It was a small community park across the street from the mall and was empty. I mediated and all of these people started arriving and walking past me. I know I was meant to be there to affect/infuse the park with my energy and people were already feeling it. They were all men, as he divine masculine is healing/blooming. Over my head I saw the sun turn into two orbs/Two Suns together. And the clouds changed shapes before me.

Stopped to get some lunch. On my way out of the parking saw this sign on the car parked next to me. A message from my angels. Thanks!

After lunch I drove the opposite direction to the Red Rock National Park, making a full circle home by driving the scenic route. I was just going to drive through but was compelled to make a turn down a road I have never been down before. First I drove to the restrooms at a scenic look out that used to be my grid point that I spent last summer meditating there. Took a couple pictures of the amazing energy over my head from the sun. The sun actually turned into an orb on top of my head and then lifted off! On my way to my car a beetle flew over my head. I wanted to take a picture of it since it visited my dream as a spirit guide a few nights ago and I was wearing my new vintage Egyptian Ankh Scarab wing pendant due to the messages in that dream and after. I asked it to come back so I can take a picture and it did! I thanked it and hopped in my car to go down that mysterious road out into the desert lol.

I drove back to the mysterious road, located across the street from the Red Rock National Park. And it led to me to a camping area. I felt completely safe and protected to go anywhere by myself. I parked next to a dumpster for the camp ground and got out of the car. The land called for healing and I did light language healing on the land. When taking pictures the sun over my head turned into a halo, and the land had a angel ray coming down on it after the healing.


Back onto the main scenic road I go. Toward the end is a tiny town called Blue Diamond (Nevada) that was built in 1942 to house miners and their families that worked the mine across the street. This also used to be part of my grid point and I stopped to visit my favorite tree which I haven't seen for almost a year. I took a picture of the tree as I approached it and you can see the energy yourself below. I walked over greeting it and noticed there was gum with a receipt stuck to it.The tree sits on a small park that has a skating park, playground and small school on it. I actually heard the tree sigh and thank me after I scraped the gum off of it. I hugged the tree (yup, I am a "Tree Hugger" lol) and the wind blew through its leaves making the most amazing sound, which is actually my favorite sound in the world. The wind and leaf music completely stopped when I stopped hugging it. Another new thing is that all of the times I have been there, I have never seen children in the park or the school and always found it strange. That day the playground was over run with kids from the school. This was amazing to me as I knew they needed this energy I was sharing. I only captured one picture at this stop, for as soon as I took the picture of the tree the battery on my phone died.

As I drove the last mile of the scenic route before exiting onto the main road home, something else very unexpected happened. I helped clear and heal someone who came to me as their Higher Self. I do this all the time, however this was very astounding in two ways. First, it happened very quickly while I was driving.Without meditation, ritual, etc. And more astounding is who the person was. Really the last person on Earth I would have imagined would have come to me for a healing. This made me very happy, as I have unconditional love for all.

I know this is just the beginning, and much will happen very quickly. I will share what I can, when I can, as prompted. However, with much love and light I share my journey with you. I am no longer concerned with the reactions of others, be it jealousy, envy, anger, close mindedness. For I Know my Power of my Light and Love will either blast people open, or repel them. And those that are reading this are meant to, as guided by their angels, guides and soul. I am no better than you, and I have done my work. Be inspired, to Be You.

I love you and I am so proud of you.

All of the pictures are original with no filer or enhancements.

Namaste <3

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